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Modification : NTA (Nitrilotriacetate) Oligo Conjugate
Reference Catalog Number 26-6444
Category Affinity Ligands
Modification Code NTA
5 Prime Y
3 Prime Y
Internal Y
Molecular Weight (mw) 489.38
Technical Info (pdf) PS26-6444.pdf
Catalog NoScalePrice
26-6444-0550 nmol$350.00
26-6444-02200 nmol$350.00
26-6444-011 umol$625.00
26-6444-032 umol$937.00
26-6444-1010 umol$4,400.00
26-6444-1515 umol$5,280.00
Related Modifications
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Thiol SS-C3
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NTA-Oligo modified with nitrilotriacetate (NTA)is a post synthesis conjugation to thiol. The thiol group can be placed at the 5' and 3' and for internal positions DTSPA can be used.

NTA-Oligo modified with nitrilotriacetate (NTA), which has high affinity to a His-tag on recombinant protein via the complexation of Ni2+.
It is a novel method to prepare a DNA-protein conjugate using histidine-tag (His-tag) chemistry.


1. J. Shimada, T. Maruyama, T. Hosogi, J. Tominaga, N. Kamiya, M. Goto,. Conjugation of DNA with protein using His-tag chemistry and its application to the aptamer-based detection system, Biotechnol. Lett. 30 (2008) 2001–2006.
2.J. Shimada et al DNA–enzyme conjugate that can detect thrombin. Anal. Biochem. 414 (2011) 103–108.

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