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Modification : DBCO-C6 NHS
Reference Catalog Number 26-6929
Category Click Chemistry
Modification Code DBCO-C6-N
5 Prime Y
3 Prime Y
Internal Y
Molecular Weight (mw) 316.37
Technical Info (pdf) PS26-6929.pdf
Catalog NoScalePrice
26-6929-0550 nmol$285.00
26-6929-02200 nmol$285.00
26-6929-011 umol$365.00
26-6929-032 umol$475.00
26-6929-1010 umol$1,248.00
26-6929-1515 umol$1,560.00
Related Modifications
Azide C3 3'
Azide dT (5')
Azide C6 (5')
Azide-C2 NHS
Azide-C4 NHS (butyrate)
BCN-1 (bi cyclooctyne)

This modification is a post synthesis NHS conjugation to a primary amino group thus an additional modification with an amino group is required. A C6 or C12 amino group can be placed at the 5' or for the 3' end a C3 or C7 amino and for internal positions an amino modified base is used, e.g Amino dT C6.

NHS based modifications are post synthesis conjugation performed using a primary amino group. The yield is lower as compared to direct automated coupling of modifications that are available as amidites. Approximate yield for various scales are given below.

~2 nmol final yield for 50 nmol scale synthesis.
~5 nmol final yield for 200 nmol scale synthesis.
~16 nmol final yield for 1 umol scale synthesis.

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Cyclooctyne-based modifications offers the ease of copper-free click reagents. These are simple to use and has excellenet click performance in 17 hours or less at room temperature. Gene Link offers 5'-DBCO-TEG for preparing oligos with 5’-DBCO and a 15 tom triethylene glycol spacer arm, DBCO-dT for inserting a DBCO group at any position within the oligonucleotide and DBCO-sulfo-NHS Ester is also offered for post-synthesis conjugation reactions. DBCO-modified oligos may be conjugated with azides in organic solvents, such as DMSO, or aqeous buffers. Depending on the azide used, the reaction will go to completion in 4-17 hours at room temperature.

Addition of DBCO-Sulfo-NHS is post synthesis and requires synthesis of oligo with primary amino group.


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