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Modification : Custom RNA Support (CPG)
Reference Catalog Number 27-6593
Category RNA Oligo Synthesis
Modification Code CRS
5 Prime Y
3 Prime Y
Internal Y
Technical Info (pdf) PS27-6593.pdf
Catalog NoScalePrice
27-6593-0550 nmol$15.00
27-6593-02200 nmol$15.00
27-6593-011 umol$25.00
27-6593-032 umol$28.00
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Custom DNA CEP (amidite)
Custom DNA Conjugation (NHS)
Custom RNA CEP (amidite)

Customer suplied modification has a setup charge of $250.00 per modification type per order. Additional per base/site charges are as listed

On occasion researchers have developed special modified bases or simply have ideas of modified bases that they wish to be incorporated in oligos. Gene Link routinely collaborates extensively with investigators. We assist in the design of oligos with special modification to impart specific characteristics. We also incorporate investigator supplied modified bases and fluorescent dyes in oligos. If it is simply an idea then we collaborate with other labs and companies for the synthesis of these novel modified bases.
See this guide for specifications and requirements. Custom Amidite, NHS & Solid Support Specifications.


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