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TaqMan® and Molecular Beacon™ Special Price*

Price includes reverse phase purification. Guaranteed yield for dye and quencher listed.

Probe Type & Dye/Quencher Price Yield
TaqMan Probes®   5' 6-FAM/3' BHQ1 or Dabcyl $79.0010 nmol
Molecular Beacon  5' 6-FAM/3' BHQ1 or Dabcyl $129.00 10 nmol

*Price includes synthesis of unmodified DNA oligo up to 32mer. Additional per base cost above 32mer. Pricing subject to change without notice.


Fluorescent Probes Price List Summary* and Guaranteed Yield**
 50 nmol scale200 nmol scale1 mmol scale
Dye QuencherPriceYieldPriceYieldPriceYield
5' 6-FAM, HEX or TET, 3' Tamra,BHQ or Dabcyl$120.0010 nmol$250.0020 nmol$350.0040 nmol

See above for special pricing for 50 nmol scale 10 nmol final purified yield probes.

5'-Cy 3 or Cy 5/BHQ2$230.005 nmol$290.0010 nmol$450.0020 nmol
Cy3.5, 5.5/BHQ2Not Available$440.008 nmol$650.0016 nmol
Cy7, 5' NHS (ROX, Texas Red)/QuencherNot Available$490.008 nmol$750.0016 nmol
Alexa Fluor dyes/QuencherNot Available$510.008 nmol$790.0016 nmol
*Price includes purification and does not include per base oligo synthesis charges. Royalty charges are additional. Pricing subject to change without notice.
**Guaranteed yield for dye and quencher listed. Lower yield with additional modifications.


Fluorophore*ColorAbsorbance max (nm)Emission max (nm)$, 200 nmol scale$, 1 mmol scale
Dabcyl (Quencher) 453 $90$150
BHQ-1** (Quencher) 534 $90$150
BHQ- 2** (Quencher) 579 $90$150
BHQ-3** (Quencher) 672 $90$150
6-FAM (Fluorescein)Green494525$90$190
Cy 3Red552570 $210$490
Cy 3.5Purple588604 $440$690
Cy 5Violet646667 $210$490
Cy 5.5Blue683707 $440$690
Cy 7Near IR743767 $540$690
Volume and contract discount pricing available. Pricing subject to change without notice.


Alexa Dye Series
Alexa Fluor DyeColorAbsorbance max (nm)Emission max (nm)Extinction Coefficient
Alexa Fluor 350 34644219,000
Alexa Fluor 405 40142134,000
Alexa Fluor 430 43354116,000
Alexa Fluor 488 49551971,000
Alexa Fluor 532 53255381,000
Alexa Fluor 546 556573104,000
Alexa Fluor 555 555565150,000
Alexa Fluor 568 57860391,000
Alexa Fluor 594 59061773,000
Alexa Fluor 633 632647*100,000
Alexa Fluor 647 650665*239,000
Alexa Fluor 660 663690*123,000
Alexa Fluor 680 679702*184,000
Alexa Fluor 700 702723*192,000
Alexa Fluor 750 749775*240,000

Spectral characteristics of the Alexa Fluor dyes. Extinction coefficient at l max in cm -1m-1. *Human vision is insensitive to light beyond~650nm, and therefore it is not possible to view the far -red- fluorescent dyes by looking through the eyepiece of a conventional fluorescent microscope. Source: Molecular Probes www.probes.com

List of Other Molecular Probes Fluorescent Dyes
DyeColorAbsorbance max (nm)Emission max (nm)
Cascade BlueBlue396410
Marina BlueBlue362459
Oregon Green 500Green499519
Oregon Green 514Green506526
Oregon Green 488Green495521
Oregon Green 488-XGreen494517
Pacific BlueBlue416451
Rhodamine GreenGreen504532
Rhodol GreenGreen496523
Rhodamine Green-XGreen503528
Rhodamine Red-XRed560580
Texas Red-XRed583603

*Disclaimer of License Statement for Molecular Beacons Products 
 The 5' Nuclease detection assay and other homogeneous amplification methods used in connection with the Polymerase Chain Reaction ("PCR") Process are covered by patents owned by Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. and F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. ("Roche"). Use of these methods requires a license. No license under these patents, which include but are not limited to United States Patent Nos. 5,210,015, 5,487,972, 5,804,375, and 5,994,076 to use the 5' Nuclease Assay or any Roche patented homogeneous amplification process is conveyed expressly or by implication to the purchaser by the purchase of any Gene Link, Inc. PCR-related product. Purchasers of these products must obtain a license to use the 5' Nuclease or Homogeneous PCR process before performing PCR. Further information on purchasing licenses to practice the PCR Process may be obtained by contacting the Licensing Specialist at (510) 814-2984, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. 1145 Atlantic Avenue, Alameda, California, 94501
*PHRI Molecular Beacon License Agreement
"This product is sold under license from the Public Health Research Institute. It may be used under PHRI Patent Rights only for the purchaser's research and development activities".

**Black Hole Quencher License Agreement
"Black Hole Quencher", "BHQ-1", "BHQ-2" and "BHQ-3" are registered trademarks of Biosearch Technologies, Inc., Novato, CA. The BHQ technology is licensed and sold under agreement with Biosearch and these products are sold exclusively for R&D use by the purchaser. They may not be used for clinical or diagnostic purposes and they may not be resold, distributed or re-packaged

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