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e-oligos: Premium Custom Oligo Synthesis
Premium Custom Oligo Synthesis


All e-oligos supplied oligos are synthesized by Gene Link. These oligos are not 'factory style' mass produced oligos. These are for demanding applications and consistent results.


Synthesis Scale,$/base*
  25 nmol 50 nmol 200 nmol 1 umol 2 umol 10 umol 15 umol
Unmodified Oligonucleotides $0.35 $0.40 $0.80 $1.80 $2.80 $18.00 $22.00
Guaranteed Yield OD (A260 units) 3 5 20 80 160 800 1200
Yield in nmols for a 20mer 15+ 30+ 80+ 400+ 800+ 4000+ 6000+
Same Day Oligo Service $20.00 per oligo (Must order by 12 PM EST)
*minimum charges for 20 mer applies

Long Oligos? Gene Link will synthesize it.

We specialize in long oligo synthesis. Oligos up to 250mer. How many of our competitors will synthesize long oligos?


Gene Link maintains a coupling efficiency of greater than 99%

Quality of oligo is determined by the yield of full length sequence. A lower coupling efficiency synthesis oligo will yield in lower yield of full length product. These may still perform in single template PCR reactions but fail in more demanding low abundance template PCR.


Oligo Size and Purification Recommendations
Length Page HPLC/RPC
8-40 mer Yes Yes
41-250 mer Yes No
All Gene Link oligos shorter than 40 mer usually do not require any further purification if the application is for PCR or sequencing.
Application Based Purification Recommendations
Application Purification
PCR and Sequencing Not Required
Cloning and Gene Construction Yes
Mutagenesis Yes
Modified Oligos Yes
Probes Yes


Compare the yield difference at apparently good coupling efficiency of 98% and higher.








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