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e-oligos Oligo Custom Spiking
Custom Spiking
Custom Spiking & Custom Column (3’ base spiking/mix)

Custom spiking is the addition of differing molar concentration of bases at a single position, this is different from degeneracy at a position based on codons. Codon based degeneracy is usually equimolar concentration of each base at the same position (done at no extra charge for all internal and 5’ position, see order form for single letter IUB codes). Custom spiking (example, 10% A, 75% G, 5% C & 10% T) has to be specified as required on the order form.

Custom column has to be prepared when the degeneracy and custom spiking is at the 3’ position.

Custom Spiking & Custom Column (3’ base spiking/mix)
Product Size Catalog No. Price
Custom spiking 50 nmol scale 26-6200-05 $35.00
Custom spiking 200 nmol scale 26-6200-02 $35.00
Custom spiking 1 m mol scale 26-6200-01 $50.00
Custom spiking 10 m mol scale 26-6200-10 $60.00
Custom spiking 15 m mol scale 26-6200-15 $60.00
Custom column 50 nmol scale 26-6201-05 $40.00
Custom column 200 nmol scale 26-6201-02 $40.00
Custom column 1 m mol scale 26-6201-01 $50.00
Custom column 10 m mol scale 26-6201-10 $100.00
Custom column 15 m mol scale 26-6201-15 $100.00

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