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e-oligos Licenses


Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

The PCR process is covered by U.S. Patents 4,683,195 and 4,683,202 and foreign equivalents owned by Hoffmann-LaRoche AG. A license held under U.S. Patents 4,683,202, 4,683,195, 4,965,188, and 5,075,216 or their foreign counterparts, owned by Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. and F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., has an up-front fee component and a running-royalty component. The purchase price of these products includes limited, nontransferable rights under the running-royalty component to use only this amount of the product to practice the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and related processes described in said patents solely for the research and development activities of the purchaser when this product is used in conjunction with a thermal cycler whose use is covered by the up-front fee component. Rights to the up-front fee component must be obtained by the end user in order to have a complete license. These rights under the up-front fee component may be purchased from Perkin-Elmer Corporation or obtained by purchasing an authorized thermal cycler. No right to perform or offer commercial services of any kind using PCR, including, without limitation, reporting the results of purchaser's activities for a fee or other commercial consideration, is hereby granted by implication or estoppel. Further information on purchasing licenses to practice the PCR process may be obtained by contacting Roche Molecular Systems, Inc., 1145 Atlantic Avenue, Alameda, California 94501.

Disclaimer of License Statement for Molecular Beacons Products

The 5' Nuclease detection assay and other homogeneous amplification methods used in connection with the Polymerase Chain Reaction ("PCR") Process are covered by patents owned by Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. and F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. ("Roche"). Use of these methods requires a license. No license under these patents, which include but are not limited to United States Patent Nos. 5,210,015, 5,487,972, 5,804,375, and 5,994,076 to use the 5' Nuclease Assay or any Roche patented homogeneous amplification process is conveyed expressly or by implication to the purchaser by the purchase of any Gene Link, Inc. PCR-related product. Purchasers of these products must obtain a license to use the 5' Nuclease or Homogeneous PCR process before performing PCR. Further information on purchasing licenses to practice the PCR Process may be obtained by contacting the Licensing Specialist at (510) 814-2984, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. 1145 Atlantic Avenue, Alameda, California, 94501

PHRI Molecular Beacon License Agreement

"This product is sold under license from the Public Health Research Institute. It may be used under PHRI Patent Rights only for the purchaser's research and development activities".


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